Sweetman British Railways Photos Postcards Sales List

To develop some interest in members publishing sales lists I’m starting the ball rolling with this listing of postcards from the Sweetman British Railways Photos series. To keep things simple the cards are £2.50 each and are in good unwritten and unposted condition. If the only example I have has an imperfection such as writing on the back then the price is reduced to £2.00. Please e-mail your orders to r.ash@tinyworld.co.uk

I will confirm that the cards you want are still available. UK postage is 80p per order. Payment can be made by cheque or through Paypal.

Details will be supplied with the order confirmation.

To see the list of available cards please click on this link:

Sweetman sales listing 26 Dec 2015 pdf

Thanks Rod

Listing of 1950’s Sweetman British Railways Photo Postcards

This is the first of our incomplete listings. The information so far has been formed from an amalgamation of my own list and one maintained by Tony Harden. I’m sure that some more postcards exist in this series beyond the ones we have identified here. If you have any postcards not listed then please send the details to us for version 2. Scan and e-mail the images to us via the Contact us link in this website.

The listing is based of 6 different varieties of printing:

1) Sepia brown front (all other types have black photograhic photographic fronts)

2) Sweetman “Sunshine” back

3) Sweetman “Domino Series” back

4)  as 3) but additional “WITH GREETINGS” below POSTCARD and photo with border on front

5) as 4) but picture without white border

6) Anon – no printers name


please click on this link to access pdf listing

Sweetman check listing Dec 2015 pdf

Known postcards are blocked in green.

The get some interest in member’s sales lists I’ve also prepared a sales list for this series in the sales section.