Lynton and Barnstaple Railway, Woody Bay, North Devon

This is a very ambitious and fast growing narrow gauge Company looking to re-open much of the line closed by the Southern Railway in 1935. The current operations are based around Woody Bar station which is the original Swiss style chalet station. Internally it has seen major change and now features a shop and a cafe. At last visit in Spring 2014 the shop was selling postcards produced by the company.

Middleton Railway – Leeds

The Middleton railway commenced back in 1758 and introduced steam locomotives in 1812 as a line moving coal from an open pit down to the city of Leeds. Today the railway operates a regular passenger service from a recently constructed office, depot, station and museum complex at Moor Road close to the M621 motorway in south Leeds up to a park beyond a sports centre. At a visit in spring 2014, the railway’s shop was stocking a few postcards produced some years ago by the railway.

For a listing of postcards produced by or featuring the MIddleton Railway please click on this link:

Middleton Railway


New Cards

The aim of this section is to make members aware of railway postcards that have been recently published and availability details when known.

Often railway postcards are published for specific events in quite low quantities and therefore it maybe that all stocks have been cleared very quickly and we cannot guarantee availability.

As postcards are seen by most as an old fashioned and obsolete method of communications, the continuing availability of new issues cannot be taken for granted. Thankfully, many people still regard a picture postcard as a cheap souvenir of a visit and so many railway heritage and preservation sites still keep stocks of postcards.  Museums and Preservation societies that are known to have published postcards will be listed under the listings section. We will try to advise whether they are still selling railway postcards (either their own or commercial publishers’ products) however situations can change quickly.