There is a new postcard for 2018 available from a St Pancras Merchandise stall in the lower level arcade of the station.

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A brief update on Paddington Bear postcards at Paddington station. After years of trading from a barrow on the forecourt the retailing has moved to a permanent shop inside the station’s retail area. There are currently several postcards available but only one features the station:

Scan_20180218 (3)

Postcards sold from the barrow include the similar design with line drawn HST and a view of the barrow.


Scan_20180218 (4) Scan_20180218 (5)

Watch out for a postcard featuring Paddington bear and a class 800…

National Railway Museum York Dec 2017 update

I’m pleased to report that the NRM shop at York is still stocking a wide variety of postcards – perhaps the widest variety of shapes and sizes ever.

The largest ( A5) shows a view from 2013’s great gathering of A4 locos. Barcode ref 5021043 1600211

Scan_20171228 (14)

Next size down we have three cards 406178 Great Gathering 2014, 406222 Mallard & 406420York station c1870

Scan_20171228 (12) Scan_20171228 (13) Scan_20171228 (11)

Then slightly larger than the standard postcards we have 3D postcards and jigsaw postcards. The wooden postcards noted a few years back are still available too.

Scan_20171228                                        Scan_20171228 (15)


As for standard postcards there are a large variety of poster views which have been available for some years. There are two new series:

404239 ,406246, 406253 & 406260 ( first 5 digits are the serial numbers and the final digit appears to be a check digit)

Scan_20171228 (9)Scan_20171228 (6) - CopyScan_20171228 (10)

Scan_20171228 (8)

Finally a set that will bring back memories for those over 50:

the references are 411608, 411615, 411622, 411639 & 411646.

Scan_20171228 (5) - CopyScan_20171228 (4) - CopyScan_20171228 (7)Scan_20171228 (2) - Copy

Scan_20171228 (3) - Copy






South Devon Railway new issues

A recent visit ti Buckfastleigh station shop saw the following postcatds produced by Writtle of Bridgnorth on sale:

SDR 15A 3205

SDR 15B 5786 night scene

SDR15D 6412


SDR15F 5786 reflected by the Dart

SDR15P Buckfastleigh station

SDR15Q Staverton station

SDR 15S Routemaster bus

SDR 17A Totnes Riverside station

SDR17B 1369





KWVR extend postcard series

Cards with references WVR329 and WVR330 are now available from the retail stands at stations along the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway.

WVR329 features 43924 at Damens crossing whilst WVR330 is a winter scene with 41241 at Oxenhope.


Sunday 27450599Sunday 27450598


Salmon 09/80/05/96

J Salmon have released a postcard “Travel by Train” within their Retro Days series. Several branches of WH Smiths are stocking the postcard.



Recent issues from the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

During 2014 the Keighley and Worth Valley railway expanded their range of postcards by a further three. These being:


WVR326 Morning preparations at Haworth Spring 2014

WVR327 “Big Jim” at Oxenhope station

WVR328 34092 City of Wells at Keighley autumn 2014.

Sunday 27450259 Sunday 27450260 Sunday 27450258

All three postcards and many others, some first published 20 years ago, are available from the railway’s shops at Keighley, Haworth and Oxenhope. The shop at Haworth is the largest and also has a vast selection of books and models. These new cards reflect large locos now operational on the line rather than the line’s 1950’s BR (Midland) general ambiance. Well worth a visit.

Finally, for those of you that like technical details and errors card WV184 showing Haworth station is now available as WV284R2006.

Back in 2006 it was re-issued as WV184R2006 but it looks like a printing was made with the wrong number and this has now nine years later been put on sale.

Sunday 27450262

Sunday 27450261 Sunday 27450269