Sussex Community Rail Partnership

Sunday 27450339

I know that several of you like to know of new issues by rail operating companies, This is next best thing! This multiview has an Electrostar unit and promotes rail travel in Sussex. I found this card at Isfield station on the Lavender line. I wasn’t able to determine how old it is.

Eurostar Bringing together 20 years

The departure lounge of Eurostar at St Pancras has a couple of racks of free postcards commemorating 20 years of Eurostar. There are eleven postcards and a reply card asking for comments/thoughts on the impact of Eurostar to cross border logistics/relations. The cards are not obviously available at Brussels Midi or Paris Nord.

Click here to see the postcards:

Eurostar 20 years


There is set of cards available to the first member who asks ( postage £1).